about Jeff...me!


I’ve been making digital content professionally for years, taking photos and making videos along the way.  


It’s only within the last two years that I’ve really decided that boudoir is right for me.  I started working with models to improve my ability to business clients in the right pose for portraits in early 2019.  


Almost immediately though I found myself more interested in the art form of photography than the technical competence of plain background, evenly lit LinkedIn portfolios.  Read more of my story below.


the journey to boudoir

the inspiration

What I was more interested in was finding the light, particularly the natural light, to compliment the subject.  I love working with women in all their shapes and sizes.  Bringing the best out of, not trying to hide, each curve and line.  


Pretty soon, I was working almost exclusively in lingerie, boudoir and art nude photography, with a bit of fashion and portraiture mixed in.

The missing piece was that all my work was digital.  Then I decided to see what it looked like on the printed page and on a piece of wall decor, and the revelation of a tangible item with my photography suddenly clicked.  I showed the book I had made to the models who appeared in the book and they loved it.  


Most of them had never seen themselves in print either.  The look on their face as they flicked through the book was enough to cement the idea in my head.


“This is what I want to do, and I’m good at this.  Do it!

taking pride in our differences

My goal is to make memories that you’ll be proud of for years to come. 


I don’t believe boudoir photography should be about fundamentally changing the way you look, coming up with a fraudulent representation of yourself for the sake of a photo.


I want you to have things that you can look back on and say “that looks like me, and I look amazing”.

why boudoir?

It’s a question I get, and I understand. Particularly as a man. My goal is to empower women who want that lift, and to celebrate the confidence and power of women who already have it.


To “own” their bodies. It’s a bit of a cliche that photographers are painters with light, but there is truth to it.

The female form has been an integral part of art for centuries so it’s certainly not a new thing to want to celebrate it. I want you as my client to feel the beauty of yourself in some artwork.


There’s a certain empathic part of me that seeks to try to improve other people’s lives, even if only in a small way, and I guess photography is part of that. My best way of achieving that is to use my skill, experience and ability with your individualism to create something special,
each and every time.