I’m here throughout the booking process to guide you through the ins and outs of attending and posing for boudoir photography, but here are some answers to commonly asked questions about what I do.

what's a session fee?

Good question. The session fee covers the boudoir photography experience itself – that’s the “session” and brings with it a standard fee of £295 without the video option, or £345 with.

The boudoir photography experience consists of:

– A warm welcome from me at my home studio
– Hair and Make Up from a professional Hair and Make Up artist
– A fully guided photography shoot with me, including video if you’ve gone for that option
– Some time to relax and have some lunch whilst I prepare the images for you
– A reveal session where you see all your photos with a preliminary edit applied and make your selections for any photos you want to buy.

how to i buy photos?

This happens immediately after the experience session, on the same day.

You most certainly can buy a number of different things that have your photos in and on, but first we need to get the shots themselves.

what's the video option?

One of the things you can buy following the session is a video, set to music of you looking phenomenal in lingerie.


It takes a bit of time to shoot as part of the experience session so if you’d like to have it as an option, we need to make sure we fit it in, time wise.

how does the day work?

Following our chat to find out more about what you want and what you can expect, we book you in for your session.


On the shoot day you’ll come to my studio (it’s my and my wife’s house, in Haywards Heath, West Sussex).

You’ll have your hair and make up done by a professional stylist whilst I answer any final questions you have and you get comfortable and ready to shoot some amazing stuff that’ll make you feel great. Then we have the actual shoot. Including photo and video if you’ve chosen that option, or just photo if you want. I guide you through the poses and place you in the best spot to achieve the best shot.


Then you go and have a sit in a coffee shop for an hour or so, or maybe enjoy a walk or just relax in my garden eating lunch.


When you come back I’ll take you through all the best photos in a presentation and you’ll decide if you want to make any purchases from my collections, or individual “a la carte” items.


So the Boudoir Experience Session fee itself covers all the facilities, equipment, time and expertise to go through an entire photo/video shoot with you.

what's a "collection"?

It’s really just a way of grouping things together than you might want to buy.  I have several book styles and wall art styles.  Bought together as part of a collection, the overall cost is lower.

do you have more than one collection?

There are several collections. You can make a selection from one of the collections but if it’s not quite right make some tweaks – for example you want a particular size album but you want more pages than the collection includes, you can add pages!

Then there’s wall art in a few different options.

wall art?

You can have individual photos printed on canvas, metal or acrylic. 

I’ve got samples to show you.  

They look great and will really give a focal point to any room you choose to put them in.

is hair and make up included? and is it required?

Yes, and yes, for several very good reasons.  

There’s a skill and an art to hair and make up preparation specifically for photography.  


It’s something that I leave to the professional.  


I know many people are very skilled with their own hair and make up.

My professional HMUA (Hair & Make Up Artist) knows exactly what to do to work with you to  create a look that will look best for a photo 

shoot, and besides, it’s all part of the fun of the experience.

HOW DO I POSE? i've never done it before!

Don’t worry, no-one knows how to pose until they learn.

I’m there throughout the shoot helping to get you into great poses. I’ll take you through each one, showing you exactly what to do.

where are the photos taken?

In my home studio in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


It’s a clean, bright and fairly minimally decorated house (with parking for you) with lots of areas inside that lend themselves to photography.


I have six separate shooting areas for different types of feel so there’s lots of potential for great shots.

do you always share shoot images online?

Not if you don’t want me to.


Obviously I want as many people to see and celebrate along with my clients as possible, as they receive photos of themselves to be proud of for years. But, if you don’t want your images used anywhere but in your own products, I won’t!

Not a problem at all.

how long does it take to get the products made?

Depends what you order a little bit, but generally speaking it’s about 3 weeks. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.


At the end of the session we’ll pencil in a reveal session about 3 weeks after the shoot date.

what do i wear?

We’ll discuss this as part of the consultation after you’ve secured a session date, but I can help supply some items.


I also have a guide with suggestions for what to wear that I’ll send over once you’re booked in.


You may not quite realise you have anything suitable when you actually do…and if you choose to go on a little shopping trip for the benefit of the shoot, I can give some suggestions of the kinds of things that tend to work well.