Testimonials are important because they’re unfiltered, or at least they should be.  These testimonials have been written by my clients and are unedited.  There are videos to watch too.

miss. a

I have shot with Jeff many, many times now. And I can say, with confidence, he is one of my favourite people to work with. 


Not only is his art utterly beautiful, but he is so kind, understanding and so incredibly professional. I have always felt 100% comfortable while working with Jeff, and I would recommend him to anyone. 


I have even recommended him to family members!  That’s how deep my trust is when it comes to Jeff. 


Stunning work and a top bloke. Thank you Jeff, for always being amazing!

miss. m

No need for me to paste in any words from miss. m.  You can hear it coming directly from her mouth in this video from her own Youtube channel.

miss. l

Another video testimonial.  

I asked miss. l to film this for me, but I didn’t ask her to talk about anything in particular, So these are entirely her words.

I have worked with miss. l three times now, the most recent of which was our boudoir shoot.

miss. h

Working with Jeff is always a pleasure. We’ve created multiple photoshoots together of  completely different styles, each time Jeff produces outstanding work which takes over my portfolio as you just can’t pick 1 favourite!

Not only is he incredibly talented, he’s incredibly professional, friendly, and fun to shoot with. 

I would never hesitate to recommend Jeff to anyone, he really is a delight to shoot with.